4 common sense of belly fat

A condition in which the lower abdomen bulges, that is, an excessive belly fat, is called abdominal obesity. It is now common knowledge that belly fat is considered to be a factor causing various diseases. There are also many misinformed common sense about this belly fat. The U.S. health and common sense media “Oprahdocom” introduced four false common sense related to belly fat.

◆ Belly fat protects bones?

According to a study, belly fat is harmful to bones. Even scientists think that if people who are overweight, especially men, have a strong skeleton, their bones will be fine even when they get older. However, studies have shown that people with visceral fat in their abdomen have low bone mineral density. A team of researchers at Harvard University found that abdominal fat and osteoporosis were associated with a 34-year-old young man.

◆ Green tea burns belly fat?

You should drink at least seven cups a day to achieve the effect of burning belly fat by drinking green tea. Catechin, a type of antioxidant in green tea, needs this amount to be effective. It is true that the type of green tea that does not contain any sugar is a health drink. However, one or two cups of green tea a day can’t lose belly fat.

Whose son is the same?

And upssalladae karollinseuka saturated fat and saturated fat, Research Institute provided seven weeks 39, respectively, or a muffin. Both groups in saturated fat and weight eating a muffin group is noticeably abdominal fat turned out to be increased. Unsaturated fats group ate muffins and muscle mass, weight evenly over the whole body appeared as a bit of an increase.

Whose son is better than abdominal obesity lower body obesity?

Doctors around the hips and thighs, even lower body fat in obese is as to as abdominal obesity is not dangerous. Fat around the abdomen, contains increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease and to promote insulin resistance cell. However, the University of California, showed not harmless, fat butt, according to researchers. This part of the country of hiding the amount of protein can cause inflammation and insulin resistance. Excessive fat in the abdomen or lower body situated not good for your health.