4 tips for staying healthy

Everyone has a desire to stay young and live healthy for a long time. Scientists are also working on anti-aging research. A research team found a substance related to life expectancy in the blood of a 115-year-old woman. The research team also found that a little intense physical activity every day prolongs life. The U.S. health media “Prevention” collected the results of the scientist’s research and reported the secret to longevity.

◆ Life expectancy and personality are deeply related

Stanford University’s research team studied the characteristics of long life expectancy. As a result, it was found that sincere people have high expectations for longevity. He said that the personality of being cautious, persistent, and good at organizing and organizing is somewhat obsessive, but a long life can be expected.

In general, people think that someone who is relaxed and relaxed will live long. That’s not the case, actually. The more sincere people with obsessive compulsions, the more careful they eat, avoid unnecessary things such as cigarettes, and be careful about interpersonal relationships. In other words, the personality of self-management rather than a relaxed personality extends the life span.

◆ the effects of eating food

Many scientists are interested in the food that people who live 100 years or older enjoy eating. Most of them tend to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy fats. A healthy diet reduces the risk of heart disease and prevents memory loss, helping to keep both the body and mind healthy.

◆ Education is important, too

Education is also deeply related to life expectancy. Research by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that people with bachelor’s or higher degrees live an average of nine years longer than those who do not graduate from high school. Researchers estimate that the higher the education level, the better the job, the more specific the future, and the healthier the lifestyle is chosen.

◆ a sitting time

Experts believe that people who spend a lot of time sitting down have a shorter lifespan and a higher risk of health problems. According to a study, life expectancy decreases by 22 minutes every hour while adults aged 25 or older sit watching TV.