Blue Canvas Digital Frame

Frame is also in the digital age, L.F.Tory’s “Blue Canvas” was introduced to the Special Distribution Association

At the “Exchange Meeting for the Presentation and Distribution of New Products” held by the Special Distribution Association, Lee Jae-hwan, head of El Factory, explains the “Blue Canvas” called digital canvas and picture frames.

This distribution exchange is a mini-B2B fair to invite manufacturers and distributors to announce new products for special distribution ahead of Chuseok at 7 p.m. on the 18th at the seminar room in C-dong, SBA International Distribution Center.

Currently, the Special Sales Distribution Association is a non-profit organization created by associations, organizations, and partners related to SMEs to expand distribution channels of SMEs. Since 2016, it has held irregular closed exhibitions and distribution exchanges for SMEs at SBA centers.

GroundX, LFactory and digital art and NFT frame appreciation service are provided

Kakao’s blockchain technology affiliate Ground X (CEO Yang Joo-joo) announced on the 27th that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with El Factory (CEO Lee Kyung-tae) to provide digital art and NFT appreciation services.

Under the business agreement, Ground X will provide services in July so that users can enjoy works purchased from digital art and NFT distribution service “Klip Drops” through El Factory’s digital frames “Blue Canvas” and “Ativia.”

While the existing digital frames are directly linked through USB, El Factory’s Blue Canvas and Artivia digital frames are wirelessly operated through mobile apps, dramatically increasing user accessibility and convenience, leading to an important virtuous cycle in service growth between the two companies.

Users are expected to enjoy a richer art experience as they can enjoy their own digital art and NFT Collectibles on digital screens of various sizes by linking clip drops and blue canvas. The two companies are also planning to push for cooperation in offline exhibition and display in the future.