DIVOOM Digital Picture Frame

DIVOOM Digital Picture Frame

DIVOOM Digital Picture Frame (DIVOOM) Pixel Art Review!

I think a picture frame would be a great accessory to effectively change the atmosphere in the house.

Changing the overall look of the room costs a lot of money, but turning it into a single point prop is one of the simplest things.

In order to change the atmosphere of the room, I think I searched for products with a retro sensibility because the digital picture frame that is the same as others looked unfortunately.

​ The DIVOOM I used this time can enjoy the hip feel by using pixels, and functionally, it went through the previous generations and came out to the 3rd generation, so I was curious about the feeling of use.

When I received the item, I think there was a lot of curiosity and anticipation as it was the first interior frame I had ever used.

I found it attractive to be able to use the pictures drawn on the top of the package in various patterns on one device.

Divom digital frame unboxing

As you can see from the Pixoo 64 in the upper right corner, it is made up of 64 pixels in width and length, so it is interesting to see photos and GIFs with a retro sensibility.

The ingredients were simple. With the device, there was a USB-C type wired cable, instructions, and a protective film.

Visually, the size of the device is similar to the size of a small cushion. It might be a good idea to check whether it is suitable for the space you want to use by placing it at 26.2 x 26.2 (cm).

The thickness is 1.8cm, which is rather thin, so I like it more than I thought.

Looking at the device, the overall finish also looks more luxurious than general digital picture frames, making it attractive. 🙂

Looking at the back of the device, there are two main ways to use DIVOOM.

You can see the VESA hole on the back side, and I was able to use it as a wall hanging on the wall when arranging the picture frame.

It can be seen that there is a separate cable holder as it is used as a ‘wired’ cable charging instead of a ‘wireless’ around the VESA hole.

It was nice to be able to use it neatly to match the surroundings when using it.

It can also be used as a ‘stand’ method of about 10 cm.

Since it can give a different feel depending on how you place it, you might want to think about how you’re going to use it.

In addition, I was able to see a 4GB micro SD card and a USB-C type port.

You can save and use photos or GIFs independently so that you can use them anywhere in the space, but it seems to have a larger capacity than the previous 512Mb, so it seems convenient to save more and use it.

How to use D-boom digital picture frame

How to use the Dboom digital picture frame was simple.

First of all, it can be used interchangeably with any smartphone device.

You can try using it in conjunction with Pixel Art by installing Divoom: Pixel art community from Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play Store.
It is attractive that various users all over the world can download and use D.I.Y. art according to the frame of the D.I.Y.

​ Being able to use a standalone art platform is enough to give you satisfaction.

​ It was nice to be able to use Wifi more stably than Bluetooth and to be able to operate it easily with a smartphone.

Device connection is done by [Add Device] on My Page, and you can try using it by connecting to your space via Wifi.

I was hesitant about the connection, but it was not possible to connect at 5.0Ghz, but it was possible to connect at 2.4Ghz.

I think it would be good to check if your Wi-Fi router is dual-band to connect without any errors and then proceed with the connection.

The Dboom digital frame, which can be easily connected and used, seems to be highly useful.

As I explained earlier, it was convenient and nice to be able to use D.I.Y’s pixel art shared by other users, so it was convenient and good to be able to download and try the pictures that fit the space.

​ Depending on the situation, I could easily download it and try it out, but I think it’s better than I thought to be able to add a retro sensibility compared to general paintings.

I was able to see the pictures on the screen with clearer picture quality and brightness compared to the previous 1st and 2nd generations, and I thought I could use it as a device to express myself without any burden.

If you use the app, I think it could be more fun to try. You can create a creative space image by loading the albums in your smartphone and transforming it realistically in a pixel format.

​ I’m not good at drawing, but I can express not only pictures but also text on the app, so I can make my own images. You can fill the space with pixel art, but I think it can be used smartly because it works with Wifi.

It can be used as a social media tracker by displaying the basic screens such as time, weather/temperature, etc., in real time by linking with a smartphone, and displaying the information of SNS of one’s account such as Twitter and YouTube in real time.

Overall, I think it was enough to satisfy my curiosity and expectations about using a digital picture frame for the first time personally.

A product that allows you to decorate a space that looked boring with a stand and wall hangings, while sharing and using the art of various users with clean image quality, or even a SNS linked tracker that can be used smartly depending on the situation. I guess it wasn’t.



Mural Digital Frames

Mural Digital Frames

Hundreds of abstract paintings added, including Mural Digital Frames, Mondrian and Kandinsky

Netgear will present hundreds of additional abstract paintings by world-famous Mondrian and Kandinsky through its new concept digital framed Mural.

The abstract paintings newly added through the Mural Digital Frame include the early works of Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian painter who is said to be a pioneer of abstract painting, and several works by the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, who was the most popular among abstract paintings. In particular, Mondrian’s works can be viewed by era, starting from early figurative paintings and gradually developing into abstract paintings. Also, it introduces the works of Hilma af Clint, a Swedish female painter who is known as the first abstract painter, and the works of representative abstract painters of the 20th and 21st centuries, such as American contemporary artists Jackson Pollock, Alexander Calder, and Kathy Ferguson.

Mural Digital Frames is a new concept digital photo frame that has signed a partnership with 54 famous museums and galleries around the world and allows you to view 30,000 masterpieces and photos without limit. In particular, the Mural Curation Team organizes libraries by various themes, art trends, artists and museums for beginners who do not have specialized knowledge in art, so anyone can easily search for works and receive recommendations.

The Mural Digital Frames membership, which allows unlimited viewing of over 30,000 famous paintings and photographic works from around the world, can be extended by one year. In particular, Mural membership members can purchase works by contemporary artists individually, and can personally keep for a lifetime at a cost of only 2,000 won to 3,000 won, a 50% discount per work.

Add a touch of atmosphere to your office with a digital picture frame.

여러분의 오피스에도 디지털 액자로 분위기를 살려보세요.

Netgear Mural Digital Frames is 100% Wi-Fi enabled and can be set up, managed and used on a PC as well as a smartphone. In addition, it supports cutting-edge digital functions such as a scheduling function that allows you to change playback works by time and day of the week, an automatic light sensor function, and a gesture function operated by hand. In addition, True-Art technology, which realistically expresses the vivid brush strokes of oil paintings, and anti-glare technology, which minimizes light reflection, make you feel the analog sensibility and genuine vitality that cannot be found in existing digital picture frames.

Where to buy Mural Digital Frames

Smart Digital Frame(디지털 액자) Blue Canvas

Smart Digital Frame(디지털 액자) Blue Canvas

Digital frame

The digital frame blue canvas features four main features: smart displays, digital canvases, artist platforms, and your own gallery, showing your work as you wish.

Digital frames start in the United States

These blue canvases are a product in themselves and an art network service that started in the United States in 2009. In particular, we have supported the debut of unknown and new writers through these network services, and we have started related services in Korea since 2016.

a variety of work services

In addition, you can enjoy 2,400 famous works in museums and art galleries around the world, including Gogh, Monet, and Picasso, at home, and regularly receive domestic galleries and works of various themes through free and subscription services.

Access with dedicated apps and webs

You can connect to the server through Wi-Fi and receive services, and you can use it after logging in through a dedicated app on your smartphone or an online web account. In addition, Blue Canvas is compatible with Android and iOS, so it can be controlled through a smartphone and can be easily linked to SNS.

Two sizes

Blue canvas comes in two types of digital frames: BC265 and BC49. BC265 is a 26.5-inch square frame, and BC49 is a rectangular frame with a long side of 49 inches. We adopted IPS display of LG with different resolution and support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Anti-glare surface treatment

QHD-class high definition and high color reproduction rate allow you to feel the texture and color of the original painting. In addition, anti-glare surface treatment that does not reflect the surrounding light and a wide viewing angle that can be seen from any angle allows you to feel a more vivid sense of original painting rather than a digital frame.

Configuring Different Frames

Blue canvas can also be used as a frame-free no-frame option, but additional frames can be selected separately, such as walnut frames or mat frames, to give a more refined and sensuous atmosphere.

Toggle length and landscape

Users can edit images through a dedicated app. In addition, B49 models can be switched horizontally with the screen rotation function.

Presentation and automatic timer settings

Instead of continuing to view only one piece, you can use the presentation mode to display the images you choose sequentially and pre-specified days and times to operate at the desired time.

Widget Settings

Blue Canvas provides not only photos and famous paintings, but also various living information such as date, time, weather, and temperature through the widget as a digital frame. And these widgets can control their location and size through a dedicated app.

at the end of the show

Digital Frame Blue Canvas Components

The blue canvas package consists of digital frames, adapters, bracket sets, and frames. You can purchase it in a lump sum or rent, and you can choose various subscription services, so you can use the service according to your taste.

강남안마 디지털액자​

It’s not cheap, but if you place a blue canvas in a spare space, it can bring out the atmosphere and help the art world, so I think it’s a good service to try.