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Hannam Massage King Therapy 킹안마 Swedish Massage

Hanam Massage King Therapy 킹안마 Swedish massage. It relieves tight muscles and is very popular. It is good to note that if you just visit, the waiting time will be long or you will not be able to receive treatment due to full reservations.

It is open 24/7, so you can get it after work without any burden. I often make reservations using the massage site Marcance. Even if it is a popular place, you can make a reservation quickly if you use the massage site Marcance.

King Therapy 킹안마 Shop Atmosphere

Hanam Massage King Therapy 강남킹안마 Swedish Massage The overall feel is white, and the interior with black accents has a warm atmosphere and a subtle pleasant aroma. My mind has been relaxed and I am very tired these days, but I thought it was good to come. Thanks to the friendly staff and the owner, I was able to enter comfortably.

Hanam Massage King Therapy 킹안마 Swedish Massage Lobby with black info
It seemed to harmonize well with the unusual toad model and the interior. The name King Therapy 킹안마 is written on the back of the info.

Hanam Massage King Therapy 킹안마 Swedish Massage I made a reservation on the massage site Marcance, so there was no waiting time and the consultation proceeded right away. They checked me so that I could receive gona-ri with my usual physical condition and concentration, and since it is a Swedish massage shop, I was able to quickly select the menu.

King Therapy 킹안마 management program

If you select the menu and select the time immediately, you can receive speed management.
It’s good to refer to. It’s a fact I learned after consulting like that. Hanam Massage King Therapy 킹안마 Swedish Massage is always on quarantine, paying attention to maintaining cleanliness, and ventilating before and after management is the basics, so I focused on management. I could.

After consulting, I passed the corridor of Hanam Massage King Therapy 킹안마 Swedish Massage, and it is a place that many customers use, so it is true that their skills have been verified, right?

Hanam Massage King Therapy 킹안마 Swedish Massage has a clean and well-appointed interior, so I thought I would like to get treatment quickly. I was a little curious about how well the management room would be. Each management room has a number written on it, and there is a colorful light on the ceiling in the middle of the hallway, so it is a bright massage shop.

Hanam Massage King Therapy 킹안마 Swedish Massage has a soft bed and space to store robes and belongings. The robes and bedding were soft and fragrant.

King Therapy 킹안마 Massage Manager

Hanam Massage After a while at King Therapy 킹안마 Swedish Massage, the manager came in and it was like a bright smile. You can’t see it when you come in wearing a mask, but you can tell just by looking into your eyes.

First, they simply test the massage pressure. Because the strength of the pressure desired by each person is different, they test it first. I would like to recommend a massage shop that has such advantages.

Hanam Massage King Therapy 킹안마 Swedish Massage has a shower room in the management room. I was surprised because I didn’t see a single wet thing that I was cleaning every time. Body lotion, shampoo, and shower were all well equipped, so I didn’t need to prepare separately.

KingTherapy’s reasonable service price

Of course, cost-effectiveness is meticulously managed. If you want to get a proper massage but are looking for a place that does it well, I highly recommend visiting.

swedish massage
Course A – 60 minutes
Course B – 90 minutes
Course C – 120 minutes

Phone number

​Business hours
12:00 p.m. 4:00 a.m. the next day

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