Viewing NFT Artworks in Digital Frames

Viewing NFT Artworks in Digital Frames

Kakao’s blockchain technology affiliate Ground X announced on the 27th that it has signed a business agreement with Lfactory to provide digital art and NFT appreciation services.

Under this business agreement, the ability to appreciate works purchased from “Klip Drops,” a digital art and NFT distribution service, will be provided in July with L Factory’s digital frames “Blue Canvas” and “Ativia.”

While existing digital frames are directly linked through external storage devices, L Factory’s blue canvas and Atvia digital frames are wirelessly driven through mobile apps, increasing user accessibility and convenience, leading to a virtuous cycle that is important for service growth between the two companies.

Users will be able to view their digital art and NFT 즐런가이드-러베스트오피( collections on digital screens of various sizes by linking Clip Drops and Blue Canvas. Both companies are also planning to cooperate with offline exhibition displays in the future.

An official from Ground X said, “The agreement with El Factory will allow digital art to be appreciated in real life like existing art exhibitions,” and added, “We will expand the appreciation experience and provide various benefits so that Clip Drops users can feel the new value of NFT and digital art.”

“In order to overcome incomplete elements of the NFT market and continue to develop, we need to increase the collection value of collectors who own works to expand opportunities to enjoy and experience works not only in virtual spaces but also in daily life,” an L Factory official said.